The Value Of A Vehicle Health Check

Many of us have not driven as many kilometers this past year as when the world was “normal”. Because of this, it may not be evident to you that your vehicle could be developing concerns. Multi-Point Vehicle Health Checks are your first line of defense in finding problems early before they turn into costly repairs.

Regular inspections have a potential to save you hundreds, or even thousands on costly repairs in the future. Concerns for safety and road worthiness of your vehicle are addressed when you book a MPVI.

The Multi-Point Vehicle Health Check is to be scheduled twice a year as stated in your vehicles owner’s manual. This inspection checks the following items and more:

Tire Health

o Tire tread depth
o Tire pressure
o Alignment Check

Fluid levels as well as fluid condition

o Engine oil
o Transmission fluid
o Power steering fluid
o Engine coolant
o Differential and transfer case
o Windshield washer fluid
o Brake fluid level and condition

Brake Check

o Pad and/or shoe condition and amount of friction material left
o Rotor and/or drum condition
o Caliper slides free and not seized
o Emergency brake working and condition of cables

Engine air filter and pollen filter
• Check operation of all lights
• Check condition of wiper blades
• Battery test

As you read over this list think about the money you can save by having proper alignment so your tires don’t wear out pre-maturely, or a dirty air filter how much more gas you use! Brakes are the most important safety feature on your vehicle - they may save your life! Wiper blades, if worn out could scratch your windshield and when it rains hard you need to be able to see! Wiper blades should be changed twice per year. Fluids clean and cool the major components (engine, transmission) of your vehicle. Fluid changes can provide valuable information on the condition of a component.

As you can see, an MPVI is money well spent in savings down the road. Your vehicle needs to be ready for the road this summer...yay!!! Check out the special offer earlier in this newsletter that includes a lube oil and filter, MPVI plus a $20 gas card. A perfect time to have your vehicle checked out.