How To Get The Most Out Of Your Tires

Tires are one of the most important safety items on your vehicle. It’s where “the rubber meets the road” as the saying goes. You rely on your tires to move you, steer you through corners and stop you in a safe distance. This can only happen if the tire maintenance has occurred. What is meant by tire maintenance? It is:

• Proper inflation
• Proper alignment
• Proper specification tire for the vehicle you are driving

Today’s tires can be very expensive. As they are a “wear” item, you will want to make sure you check the alignment angles and the inflation regularly. Your vehicle will alert you to any inflation concern but it does not alert you to any alignment concerns so it is very important you have your vehicle’s alignment checked frequently. There are two angles that are of concern “Toe” angle and “Camber” angle.

Toe angle either toeing in (Positive toe) or toeing out (Negative toe) can cause rapid wear on your tires. Your tires will be rough to the touch and a wear pattern will be noticeable on the outer shoulders of the tire. This also has a negative
effect on gas mileage as your vehicle is harder to move because the tires are scrubbing instead of rolling freely.

The other angle is camber which is also measured as “Positive” and “Negative”. If the bottom of the wheel is further out than the top of the wheel it is negative camber and if the top of the wheel is further out then the bottom its positive
camber. Just like toe, it can wear your tires out prematurely and have the same negative impact on gas mileage.

Complimentary alignment checks at every visit!

This is where Nurse Chevrolet Cadillac has made it easy for you to get the most out of your tires. We have autonomous vehicle alignment quick checks; all you do is drive through and your toe angle and camber angles are checked for free!
We will show you the results on the flight board or printout. If your tires require an inflation top up this is also performed for free.

Nurse Chevrolet Cadillac will perform this every time you come in for service but if you are in doubt stop by anytime for your free check!

At Nurse Chevrolet Cadillac “It’s the Little Things that Count”