Auto Spa

Interior Care

Carpet Shampoo

A hot/dry cleaning process for the carpet and floor mats. Cleans all soils and most stubborn stains.


Rids of salt, sand, debris, and other contaminants leaving a clean and fresh smell.


Interior Express Clean

A thorough wipe down of interior surfaces (doors, dash, centre console, sills etc.). Using compressed air, vents and between seats are freed of dust and debris. Carpets are thoroughly vacuumed, and mats are rinsed/vacuumed. Interior window clean included.


Refreshes your interior and helps maintain a clean feel.

Cars & 2-Row SUV's: $79.95

Trucks & 3-Row SUV's: $99.99

Fabric Seat Care

Chemicals gently bring soils to the surface allowing steam to cleanse the upholstery material. Excess chemicals and shampoo are extracted to dry quickly.


Relieves most stubborn stains and removes common soils.


3-Row SUV's: $79.95

Leather Seat Care

Leather seats are freed of debris and conditioned to moisturize the pores of the material.


Leather is clean and softened while the added protection repels stains from setting in.


3-Row SUV's: $79.95

Exterior Care

Wheel Treatment

A professional chemical application removes brake dust from the rim and is protected with wax. Tires are shined for a polished look.


Brake dust is composed of fibers and metal shavings that can damage your wheel finish. Protect your investment and have your alloy wheels looking like new again.


Paint Protection

Butterwax is applied with an orbital buffer removing mild oxidization restoring natural gloss to the vehicle’s finish.


Provides a protective layer against salt, sun, acid rain and other road pollutants. Delivers a deep, durable long-lasting shine.


Headlight Restoration

A wet sanding process removing mild oxidization to clean the lens restoring its clarity followed by a protective wax application.


Relieves the wear and tear bringing years of life back to the headlights. Renewed clarity allows more light to pass through the lens.


Exterior Hand Wash

An exterior wash of your vehicle.


Extensive care is taken to ensure the body of the vehicle is cleaned without the use of machines.


Engine Shampoo

Complete engine shampoo which removes the dirt, grease and grime, blow dry and engine dressing.


Provides you with a well maintained appearance and the engine looking like new.